Let This CG Food Make You Hungry

Let This CG Food Make You Hungry

Are you hungry? I am! Let’s look at some CG food and get even more hungry.

Under the hashtag “CG gohan” (CG food), Twitter users have been posting incredible-looking CG food that not only looks realistic but so darn delicious.

Many of these images were part of Dell’s CG World Kitchen contest with Amnys’ oysters (below) being selected as the best computer graphic meals in the professional category. She was awarded a Dell laptop.

“My creation is purely my desire,” Amnys is quoted as saying. “I checked many pictures of oysters for reference while creating this, I wanted to eat oyster so bad, it was even painful.”

Have a look at more delicious CG food:

While you cannot eat CG food, you can do things like this.

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