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Al Gore Made A Game. Guess What It's About?

In July 2011, after a somewhat clueless Al Gore keynoted the Games for Change conference in New York, Kotaku wrote that the former vice president should try playing a video game. In March 2013, Gore announced that he had done one better and created a video game instead. And guess what it’s about?

The PC Strategy Series That Just Did A U-Turn

For years now, Ubisoft has carved out a small but dedicated market for its Anno series, strategy games based on European colonisation in the 15th-18th centuries. It’s now leaving all that behind.

A Tower Defence Game With A Climate Change Twist

By the time it really hits you that flash-based tower defence game Rizk is actually teaching you about climate change, you might be enjoying yourself too much to care.

Energy Star To Release Eco-Specs For Game Consoles

As you know, Bob, Energy Star is a joint initiative of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy tasked with setting guidelines for energy efficiency. There is probably an Energy Star Logo on your computer somewhere, unless you live in the 1980s.

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