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Sega And Nintendo To Publish Game Gear Games On 3DS Virtual Console

As part of their partnership with Sega, Nintendo will release a whole bunch of Game Gear games on the 3DS Virtual Console. Full list below.

Sega, You Can't Show Hairy Balls In An Advertisement

Sega earned itself quite the reputation during the 1990s for its bold advertising, especially in the European market. Sometimes, though, the company went a little too far.

Good God, Mortal Kombat On Game Gear Had Some Terrible Audio

I have some fond memories of my Game Gear. I loved that giant hunk of sexy black plastic so much that I forgave its terrible battery life and the other aspects that led to its financial failure.

Who Needs The Wizard When You've Got Surf Ninjas?

The Wizard, a 1989 movie starring Fred Savage, was little more than a 100-minute commercial for Nintendo’s Power Glove. Surf Ninjas, a 1993 movie starring Ernie Reyes, Jr., Rob Schneider, Leslie Nielsen (doing his best M. Bison impersonation) and Tone Loc, was much the same for Sega’s Game Gear handheld. Only it was way better.

Game Gear Games Coming To The 3DS

When I was young I had a Game Boy. An older boy on my street had the Game Gear. I was jealous. Games on the Game Gear always felt like they came from some distant, technologically advanced future. I begged and pleaded, but my parents never bought me one! Now, Nintendo has announced it’s bringing Game Gear games to the 3DS as part of the virtual console: the Game Boy and the Game Gear, together at last!

The PS Vita Compared To A PSP, A DS Lite, A Micro, A Game Gear....

And more. If this doesn’t give you an idea of how big the PS Vita is, perhaps comparing it to Ultraman would help?

Akira Was A Great Comic, An Amazing Movie, But Its Games, Hrm...

It’s one of the defining works of modern popular culture, and features plenty of stylised, graphic action. So why is it nobody has ever made a good game out of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira?

The First Game Gear Games For The Nintendo 3DS eShop

Game Gear and the Turbografx are coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. According to Nintendo, here are the first Game Gear titles, all with a (northern) “summer” release window: Columns, Dragon Crystal, Shinobi, Sonic Drift, Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble.

The Console With The Best Game Scores Is...

According to Japanese game magazine Famitsu, that is. The publication has crunched the review scores and has listed the platforms in order with the best library of games.

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