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The Amazing Spider-Man Takes Another Swing At Mobile Gaming

It’s not a new Marvel movie without a Gameloft-developed mobile game tie-in. Behold The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the much prettier sequel to Gameloft’s bestselling The Amazing Spider-Man.

Team-Based Tactics In A Captain America Video Game?

Here’s our first look at the official video game tie-in for Captain America: The Winter Soldier from Gameloft. It’s a mix of action and tactics, and will feature multiplayer clans. Weird.

App Review: Thor: The Dark World Is A Game Unworthy Of The God Of Thunder

While the movie doesn’t launch for a couple of days, the official video game for Thor: The Dark World has been out since last week, proving once more that the might of an Avenger and some clever game mechanics are nothing compared to the power of malicious microtransactions.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic No Longer Lacks Dancing Mini-Games

The movie-themed Equestria Girls update is live for iOS and Android, turning ponies into real girls and making them dance for your amusement. Love or hate the movie, that song is pretty catchy.

By Odin's Beard, The Thor Game Looks A Lot Like Diablo

The first full trailer for the official game of Thor: We Might As Well Make A Sequel is here, and I’m getting a definite Diablo vibe off it. Looks like Thor is a whirlwind Barbarian.

App Review: All I Want In A Racing Game For 99 Cents

Takedowns, wild jumps, drifting, branching shortcuts, car damage, online multiplayer and music from The Crystal Method — that’s all I really wanted, and that’s what Asphalt 8: Airborne delivers for under a buck.

Mobile's Call Of Duty Even Gets Map Packs. Isn't That Cute?

Look at the little mobile first-person modern warfare shooter. It’s got map packs, just like it’s PC and console inspiration.

There's Already My Little Pony Movie Content In The Game

With a limited release of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Equestria Girls movie this coming Sunday, Gameloft has gone ahead and slipped a little something special into the official mobile game of the hit show. This is Sunset Shimmer. She has issues.

Mobile's Call Of Duty Closes On Consoles With Modern Combat 5

Unable to contain its excitement until next week, Gameloft rolls out the explosive teaser trailer for the next instalment in the Call of Duty-aping Modern Combat series. I hope you like turrets.

App Review: Pre-Armour Tony Stark Would Enjoy The Glitz And Greed

Before a weapon produced by his own company left him no choice but to become a better man, Tony Stark was a textbook billionaire industrialist playboy, motivated by money and power, with a penchant for glamorous things. He was the sort of guy that would create Iron Man 3: The Official Video Game, in which players have the option to unlock every armour in the game immediately for $100.

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