Mobile's Call Of Duty Closes On Consoles With Modern Combat 5

Unable to contain its excitement until next week, Gameloft rolls out the explosive teaser trailer for the next instalment in the Call of Duty-aping Modern Combat series. I hope you like turrets.

App Review: Pre-Armour Tony Stark Would Enjoy The Glitz And Greed

Before a weapon produced by his own company left him no choice but to become a better man, Tony Stark was a textbook billionaire industrialist playboy, motivated by money and power, with a penchant for glamorous things. He was the sort of guy that would create Iron Man 3: The Official Video Game, in which players have the option to unlock every armour in the game immediately for $100.

Can You Name The 18 Armours In The Official Iron Man 3 Game?

I can name every one of the 18 Iron Man armours buildable in Gameloft’s official movie tie-in, coming April 25 to iOS and Android, and it only took me 10 seconds. I named them all Tony. It seemed appropriate. You’ll probably want to call them something else.

App Review: Dungeon Hunter 4 Takes In-App Purchases To A New Low

In the latest instalment of Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter series of Diablo clones, the most effective means of healing your character mid-battle is paying for it. Screw that.

The Most Dramatic Uno Trailer You'll Ever See

Coming soon to Android, iPad and Facebook, Gameloft’s Uno & Friends will probably deliver a much more relaxing experience than the one depicted in this first trailer. There is more acting going on in this than in all three Star Wars prequels combined.

Gameloft Gears Up For Gaming On Blackberry 10

Now that everybody’s buzzing about the sexy new BlackBerry Z10, mobile gaming giant Gameloft steps up to the plate to ensure gamers considering a switch that there will be at least 11 games for them to play on their shiny new handset, including The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and Modern Combat 4.

Is This Gameloft's Team Fortress 2 Or Battlefield Heroes?

Can’t it be both? Coming soon to iOS and Android, Blitz Brigade is a team-based online multiplayer shooter. It’s set during World War II (can’t you tell?) and features vehicular combat, five character classes, singleplayer challenges and trailer music that sounds like it’s being performed by a Team Fortress 2 cover band.

Gameloft Says It Expelled Topless Women From Its Christmas Party

The body-painted topless women at Gameloft’s holiday party last weekend were never supposed to be topless, and they were kicked out of the party for trying to dance with employees, Gameloft says.

Gameloft's Christmas Party Says A Lot About The Games Industry

Last weekend’s office holiday party at Gameloft Montreal featured one giant circus performance, complete with acrobats, stilts and… topless women, according to a few sources. This made at least one attendee rather uncomfortable.

First My Little Pony Update Brings Bowling Pony

It’s Hearth Warming’s Eve in Ponyville, and Gameloft is celebrating with the first major update for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app. The town is covered with snow, there are festive decorations to buy, and John Goodman’s finest work is immortalised forever in digital pony form.