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Dead Or Alive: Last Round Adds The Perfect King Of Fighters Character

Announced this weekend during the 2016 Dead or Alive Festival in Japan, The King of Fighters’ Mai Shiranui will be joining the roster of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round for the PlayStation 4 in September. Nippon ichi!

Thank This Porn Star For Edgy Cosplay (NSFW)

The lines between Japanese cosplay and adult videos are increasingly blurred. Porno actresses are doing cosplay. Cosplayers are doing blue movies. Japanese adult video studios churn out cosplay-themed flicks.

Oh Mai, This Figure Could Be Better

There are literally a gazillion Mai Shiranui figures. The King of Fighters character is a figurine favourite. Some of the figures are great. Some are good. Then, some are so-so, or bad, even.

It's Hard Work Shooting Mai Shiranui's Butt

Cosplay ain’t easy. You need an outfit. You need to make up your face and do your hair. But if you think that’s serious stuff, check out what it’s like to photograph them.

They're Totally Addicted To Cosplay

If those addicted to work are called “workaholics” and those addicted to chocolate are called “chocoholics”, then what are those who are addicted to cosplay called?

From Booth Babe To X-Rays

Yuuri Morishita got her start as a booth companion back in 2003, appearing at events like the Tokyo Game Show. But by 2007, she was appearing as an on-stage guest to promote games. And now, she’s releasing an x-ray video. Not x-rated, x-ray.

Mai Shiranui, All Cheeky

After sitting out fighting game The King of Fighters XII, jiggly ninja Mai Shiranui is returning for KOFXIII. And she’s bringing butt floss with her.

This King Of Fighter XIII Intro Clip Is Mai Free

Jiggly fighter Mai Shiranui was not in The King of Fighters XII. She is in upcoming arcade game The King of Fighters XIII.

The Secret Of Mai Shiranui's Revealing Outfit?

Mai Shiranui, from The King of Fighters series, wears a skimpy costume. She’s a video game character. She can pull it off. But how does a real lady wear Mai’s outfit?

Mai Shiranui Confirmed For King Of Fighters XIII

There was something missing from The King of Fighters XII. Make that, there were many things missing from KOFXII. But one of the most notable was jiggly ninja character Mai Shiranui.

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