Lawsuit Against Bethesda Over Oblivion Bugs Went Nowhere

In 2012, Colorado resident Landis Edwards sued the folks behind The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion over a bug that erased one of his game files. The bug, Edwards said, violated the marketing copy on the back of Oblivion‘s box, which promised “open-ended” gameplay with “unlimited possibilities”.

A Whole Shelf Of Elder Scrolls Potions, Scrolls And Books

Making weapon replicas, or building armour sets from Skyrim, or any other Elder Scrolls game is one thing, but creating a whole shelf of Elder Scrolls potions, scrolls and books is some next level stuff. Here’s Faasnu’s shelf, featuring lots of potions and even the Mysterium Xarxes from TES IV: Oblivion.

A Group Of Morrowind, Oblivion And Skyrim Modders Are Making An RPG

An open-world fantasy RPG, predictably enough. The group, Druid Gameworks, is working on a Skyrim-esque PC RPG which wants to put more emphasis on player choice.

All The Elder Scrolls Games Ever Made, All In One Box

Today at QuakeCon, Bethesda announced an all-inclusive anthology of Elder Scrolls games and add-ons coming to PC in September.

North Korea Propaganda Now Uses The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Not content with images of President Obama in a ball of fire, North Korea’s propaganda arm decided to spice up its latest YouTube video the only way it knows how: with video games.

These Video Game Towns And Villages Were Doomed From The Start

Oh those lovely hometowns, starting villages… Their peaceful and harmonious atmosphere ensures that there’s nothing to worry about; our journey is yet to begin. And then suddenly, it’s all gone, leaving behind nothing but dust. And sometimes a bit of fire.

Let's Rank The Elder Scrolls Games, Best To Worst

We here at Kotaku have been having a lot of fun with rankings lately, from Halo to Grand Theft Auto to Final Fantasy to Pokémon. And now, it’s time to rank the big daddy of singleplayer RPGs: The Elder Scrolls series.

I Never Thought My Favorite Games Could Look So Good As Eye Make-Up

I don’t ordinarily think of “makeup artist” and “gaming” as going together. After all: the characters whose stories we so ardently follow are virtual people, and they are as fantastic or as plain as any other set of pixels can be.

What Makes A Video Game World Believable?

In today’s Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Balmung the Apostle Hunter asked what makes a video game world believable and user Fontane has an answer.

What's The Fine For Necrophilia In Cyrodiil?

Great moments in gaming humour finally makes it to The Elder Scrolls! Just because series stars a silent protagonist doesn’t mean it has to be a dour, humorless affair. It can be an affair with a corpse as well!