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Q*Bert Rebooted For Today's Short Attention Span Gamers

For years our coverage of classic arcade game Q*Bert has been limited to hardcore players attempting to break longevity records. No normal person has time to play a game for 80 hours straight these days. That’s what Q*Bert Rebooted is for.

A Man Has Played Q*Bert For Over 80 Hours To Break A 30-Year World Record

The last two guys to try and beat the Q*Bert world record had to pull out due to fatigue, because they’d need to have played the game for over 70 hours to beat it.

The Dorkly Weekly: Video Game Real Estate Agents Have It Rough

Filled with rusty meet hooks, jumping snakes, and the odd retractable bridge over a pit of bubbling lava, video game real estate isn’t exactly burning up the market. Well, in some cases it is, but only literally.

Q*bert Finally Conquers Man After 68.5-Hour Game

When most of us think of a long session spent playing a single game, we think of spending a day or maybe a weekend immersed in story or competition. Eight or 10 hours, maybe more, spent on the couch or at a PC while the player loses track of time.

Run Fails A Third Time In Q*Bert Record Bid

If George Leutz hasn’t gone completely Ahab already, I’d advise him to let go of the Q*Bert world record. His latest assault on the mark, whose 33 million score is believed to require more than 70 hours of non-stop gameplay, ended in exhaustion after 57 hours, 40 minutes on a single quarter at the joystick. His final score was 26,721,915.

Fatigue Ends Q*Bert World Record Bid

It was estimated that George Leutz would have to play Q*Bert for more than 70 hours -nearly three days straight- to break a 28-year-old all-time world record. If you, like me, wondered if there was some way to stick Q*Bert in the corner of the board and grab a nap during the record attempt, evidently there isn’t.

Record-Seeker Restarts 70-Hour Assault On All-Time Q*Bert Mark

Last month, George Leutz set out to topple a high score nearly 28 years old: Q*Bert‘s all time mark of 33,273,520. It’s believed that it would take playing for 70 hours on a single quarter to beat that score. Halfway into it, someone kicked a power cord, (seen above) and all of Leutz’s work was lost.

Q*bert Record Attempt Scuttled After Machine Unplugged

Thirty-six hours into what was expected to be a 70-hour assault on an all-time world record, and with hundreds of lives to spare, someone unplugged a cabinet elsewhere in the arcade, resetting the Q*bert George Leutz was playing.

What 8-Bit Characters Would Really Look Like

Cracked takes a thoughtful look at what five iconic v8-bit video game characters would look like if their sprites were magically granted life. The results are just a wee bit disturbing.

Q*Bert Clone Is The Latest iPhone Copyright Scam

We’ve seen dodgy, unlicensed games on Apple’s App Store before. But rarely have we seen a dodgy, unlicensed game that takes the words “copyright infringement” to heart quite like CuBert.

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