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One Japanese Celebrity's Disgusting Twitter Tradition

It’s summer! In Japan, that means muggy heat, fireworks, and cold noodles. But for one Japanese celeb, it also means covering oneself in insect shells.

Japan's Nerd Heroine Has Amazing Criteria For A Boyfriend

Japan’s queen of Pokémon is looking for a boyfriend. Can you meet her standards? Got a set of nunchucks?

Pokémon Is A Bridge Between Strangers For Japan's Nerd Heroine

Shoko Nakagawa, Japan’s own nerd heroine and queen of Pokémon hasn’t exactly had an easy upbringing. Her school life after elementary school was mostly filled with rejection and alienation from classmates due to her being different. But staying true to her love of Pokémon has paid off in spades as she recalls in her new book, Shoko Nakgawa: Pokémon Gave Me a Reason to Live (中川祥子 ポケモンが生きる意味を教えてくれた).

Without Pokémon, We Wouldn't Have Japan's Nerd Heroine

Japanese nerd heroine, Shoko Nakagawa, loves Pokémon. And for good reason. Pocket Monsters gave her a reason to live.

This Pokémon Nerd Hero Is Way Good At Drawing

One of my favourite things is watching people draw. I’m not very good at drawing, but there’s something relaxing about watching people who are. Late last year, Japanese celeb Shoko Nakagawa appeared on a variety program and was able to show off how talented she is at art (and how other celebrities aren’t!).

The Queen Of Pokémon Will Gross You Out. Again.

Like clockwork, every summer in Japan, you can hear cicada, or “semi” (セミ), throughout the country. That buzzing cry is something that people instantly associate with the season. And like clockwork, idol Shoko Nakagawa is back this August with more stomach-churning cicada photos. Yay?

This Japanese Celebrity Knows How To Help The PS Vita (Hint: Final...)

Sony’s PS Vita sure is struggling! Launching new hardware isn’t easy — just ask Nintendo. But while Nintendo was able to turn the 3DS around, Sony hasn’t done that yet with the Vita. Japanese celebrity and Pokémon queen Shoko Nakagawa might have the logical answer.

Boy, This Lady Loves The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

When nerd heroine Shoko Nakagawa isn’t appearing in Pokémon movies, she’s putting moulted bug shells in her hair. And when she’s not doing that, she’s doing other things, like appearing in commercials!

This Post Will Ruin Your Breakfast

Shoko Nakagawa, queen of Pok&eactue;mon and star of an upcoming Zelda commercial, gained fame a few years back for sticking her cat’s head in her mouth and smelling its butt. She has another unusual hobby.

She Didn't Have Friends. She Had Pocket Monsters.

Ever wonder why nerd heroine Shoko Nakagawa is the queen of Pokés;mon? Because growing up, she was lonely. Very, very lonely.

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