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Witcher 3 Mods Have Gotten Weird

Guards that steal Geralt’s pants! A zombie mode! Geralt as a really messed up looking clown!

The Witcher 3 New Game+ Sure Is Harder So Far

If you were wondering whether The Witcher 3‘s New Game+ mode makes the game harder, I have some good news for you: It does!

How To Start A New Game+ In The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3‘s final piece of free DLC, which adds a more challenging New Game+ mode, is out. The first challenge: actually starting a New Game+.

It Sucks That The Witcher 3 Isn't Getting Better Mod Tools

The Witcher 3 finally has official tools that modders can use to make cool stuff from now until the end of time. There’s just one problem: they could be a lot better.

A Day In The Life Of A Witcher 3 Village

I’ve spent almost 100 hours in the Witcher 3, wandering the streets of Novigrad, galloping through Velen’s windswept woodland, sailing between the isles of Skellige. Yet in all that time, I never really stopped to enjoy the game’s quieter moments.

We (Mostly) Loved The Witcher 3's Ending

The Witcher 3 has had a bunch of us under its spell for months now, but we’re at a point where several of us on staff have now finished the game. Now that we’ve wiped away the tears and closed the book on Geralt’s adventures, it’s time to talk about the end.

New Witcher 3 Patch Fixes Accidentally Armourless Geralt

Along with the many small improvements offered by The Witcher 3‘s most recent big patch, at least one problem slipped in: It was possible for Geralt to wind up stranded in the wilderness without a shred of armour to wear.

These Witcher 3 Panoramas Show Off The Game's Gorgeous Landscapes

Crank up those PC settings and The Witcher 3 becomes pretty damn beautiful.

The Witcher Is Getting An Official Tabletop RPG From The Cyberpunk Guys

What’s better than playing the latest instalment of The Witcher? Exploring the world with a bunch of mates over pizza, armed with pencils, erasers and all manner or polyhedral dice. Your dreams will become reality mid next year, when CD Projekt RED pushes out The Witcher Role-Playing Game, designed by Cyberpunk 2020 progenitor R.Talsorian Games.

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