Rock Band Won’t See Australia Until 2008

Rock Band Won’t See Australia Until 2008
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TRIO_SUITS.GIFIn an interview with Gamespot UK, Red Octane co-founder and CEO Charles Huang predicted that manufacturing shortages will lead to Rock Band not making it to many territories by Christmas—especially New Zealand and Australia.

To come straight out of the gate globally – even on two platforms – is extremely challenging, especially with all the technology that’s involved with 360 and PS3.

Huang likens the manufacturing issue to that of Nintendo in which supply cannot always meet demand, and leads us to believe that many areas globally could be in jeopardy of having their Rock Band fix for the holidays. EA has since confirmed the likelihood of an Australia delay. Sorry Luke, that really sucks. That and the whole Santa doesn’t exist bombshell all in one year, but…

Once again, America rules! (high five!)

No Rock Band this Christmas down under: RedOctane founder [via gamelife]

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