John Howard, Master Chief Rumble

jhowardhalo_01.jpgYou’d think with Halo 3 officially launched, the onslaught from Microsoft would begin to ease up.

Nope. No way.

Despite the absolute storm of press there’s been over Bungie’s shooter, I just couldn’t let these pictures from Microsoft of old Johnny rot in my inbox. So, here’s our, uh, esteemed PM playing Halo 3. Well, he could be trying to play Guitar Hero with the standard controller as far as I know, as you can’t see the screen. But he probably isn’t.

So, where were these happy photos taken? St Albans Community Youth Centre. From Microsoft’s PR:

He won a console on the NRL Footy Show which aired last night, as part of the “That’s Gold!” segment. It was presented to him earlier this week at the St Albans Community Youth Centre in Epping ” after he donated the console to them.

(And yes, that’s Mario Fenech in the background of the second picture.)


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