Oz Deal And Bundle Bonanza, Issue 1

Oz Deal And Bundle Bonanza, Issue 1

We had an awesome response to our callout yesterday for people to send in sweet gaming bundles and deals they’ve eyed recently, for the good of everyone. I’d like to thank all who contributed – please, keep it up.

Many submitted EcoGamer and PALGN.com.au as two up-to-date resources on various Oz bargains. Very nice I must say, but if you were to see a deal like, right now, and send it in to [email protected], there’s a good chance that within an hour or two, I’d have something up to let the country at large know.

For now, here’s a compilation of the best deals that came through – just follow the jump!Prawnmatic:

JB Hi-Fi are doing a deal whereby you trade ANY three Xbox 360 games for a copy of the Limited Edition of Halo 3.

So I was at Macquarie and there was a stand in the forecourt selling copies of Oblivion on the 360 for $5 each. Purchased three copies for a total of $15 and traded them for a Tin Box version of Halo 3 at JB.

Jeff Hansen:

Unsure if EB is still doing this deal as it was running before actual release and on release they took down the signs but I still went in and asked and got it. Deal is: Trade 2 games get Super Paper Mario for $20. Couple this with JB HIFI’s special on Wii-motes Wii Play pack to finish off your sets you are practically get the game for a steal.

Anthony Murfett:

JB Hi-Fi in Canberra is offering a buy two get one free blu ray deal on all titles other than box sets.


For your new Aussie deals thing, best one I know of now is the new PSP Slim for $248 at Big W, $31 less than you’ll find it everywhere else. Linky: http://www.bigwentertainment.com.au/product/


Continuing my endless search for a half decent Bumblebee transformers figure a couple of weeks ago, I noticed Oblivion on the PS3 for $79 at the Toys R Us in Chatswood. I’ve never seen it under a hundred before even at JB, so it seemed like a real bargain – it’s the kind of pricing we need for the system to pick up some real retail steam.

Marcus Rossetto:

Current Kmart catalogue features an Xbox 360 Premium Console/Halo 3/Halo 3 Strategy Guide (meh) for $599


My bargain of the day: Halo3 standard ed at Big W $79.


  • Ha! Nice deal. It’s always worth checking Kmart and Target for their clearance shelves. I’ve picked up a few original Xbox games for under $10. Pandora Tomorrow was $2. I’ve seen Target just keep marking things down until someone picks them up, and why not take advantage of EB if they’ll let you?

  • Target? Marking things down? Since when? A local target here has been trying to sell an NES Game Genie, still in box (though somewhat foxed, now), for its original retail price of $99.95 for over a decade now.

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