Crysis, Now In Special Gold Master Form?

crysis_hardware.jpgNot sure how this one slipped under the radar, but it looks like we have a semi-official Crysis gold announcement from Jan Müller, a Crytek programmer. On the 19th, he made this post on his blog:

It’s done, when it’s done, but Crysis is due to ship on November 16th, so it’s pretty obvious it’s done.

Jan also mentioned a few details on what Crytek will be doing post-Crysis:

Anyway the company changed a lot during that time and will change more in the near future : some of our seniors and also my lead programmer are relocating to Budapest to work on a completely new franchise. A good colleague of mine, Alex, whom I really enjoyed working with, is sadly leaving the company, while new people are being hired for the next project here in the studio Frankfurt.

Crysis is about due for a gold announcement, so hearing this means that the game hasn’t been delayed further, and should make its November release date… in the States at least.

In the End… [Jan’s Blog, thanks Brendan]


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