Eternal Sonata ANZ Demo On Xbox Live

Eternal Sonata ANZ Demo On Xbox Live

esopening.jpgJust in case you missed it, yesterday Atari made available the Eternal Sonata demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. So if you’re eager to check it out, get online and grab that sucker.

If not, then feel free to ignore it!

As a bonus, the note from Atari said the game will be out in Australia and New Zealand on November 12.


  • God dammit, the date just keeps going further and further back. First it was tomorrow, then it was next week, then it was the week after, now it’s the 12th?

    It’s already out in the UK. Why does Australia always end up getting treated like the proverbial red-headed stepchild? I can import a UK copy for around about the same price as Australian RRP and I’d get it well before the 12th.

    I think they’re insane. It’s never going to sell here in mid November when there are so many other games coming out for the platform around it.

  • I’ll definately check out the demo, hell it might even be a purchase now that Army of Two has been pushed back.

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