Get To Know Your Local Developers

gparticle.jpgDerwent Howard’s has a nice “Who’s who” article up, covering the more prominent folk in the Oz games development scene.

From the piece:

Our purpose here is simple; to highlight the best developers that the country has to offer. We couldn’t be more pleased with our first batch of inductees. Among this list of 10 you will find industry heavyweights, award-winning veterans and emerging talents.

Names included in the feature are Andrew Edelsten (Auran), Ken Turner (Creative Assembly) and the almost unspellable without Google, Steve Stamatiadis (Krome).

According to the piece, it’s the first in what will be a yearly gig, so be sure to visit Gameplayer at least once a year – you know, so you’ll be able to pick these fine people out of a crowd at your next house party.

Who’s Who in Australian Gaming 2007 []


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