Oh, It's Just Some Turok Info

turok4.jpgFuntastic just sent through its release schedule for the rest of the year.

Exciting, I know.

While it's mostly booked solid with Disney games (give me a yell if you want to know when Power Rangers: Super Legends will be arriving on our shores), the last entry on the release is the new Turok. The entry provides a release date of February 2008, Xbox 360 and PS3 as launch platforms and a $99.95 price tag (which appears applicable to both consoles).

A couple of sassy screenshots after the jump.turok5.jpg turok3.jpg turok2.jpg turok1.jpg


    What/When are the Disney games and Power Rangers coming out? and what consoles?

    They'll be good for the younger siblings (playing on my 360 so i get the achievements haha =P).

    But Turok looks fun, Should be because it brings memories back from the N64 days.

    Oh wow, the price is $99? Is that in AUD or USD?

    @Ruibing: The $99.95 price is indeed AU.

    So $79 at JB Hi-Fi closer to release date.

    This looks yumptious! Those screens make me want to dust off Turok 2 again xD

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