Oz Wii Ware Game Pops Up

popshot.jpgMore PALGN scoops today, this time for a new Wii Ware title called Pop. According to PALGN, it’s being developed in Australia by newcomer Nnooo.

The description, from the official site (itself still under development):

Pop is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, either in single player or with up to three friends and allows people to steal points from opponents and use the controller to pump up the bubbles for bigger explosions. It is based around a simple concept which anyone can pick and play with layers of skill involved. Core gamers and those new to the Wiiâ„¢, or games in general, will all find it enjoyable.

Up to four players can compete in this bubble-exploding madness, and the controls are as simple as aiming at said suspicious-looking bubbles and pressing “A”. Repeatedly.

The site only has a release date of “soon”, which could mean next week or three months from now. Take your pick.

Pop for Wii Ware announced [PALGN]
What is Pop? [Official site]


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