What You Thought: No Rebate For Australian Developers

fight.jpgYesterday’s post on how the Australian games development community is getting the shaft by the Government generated a lot of terrific comments – comments that don’t deserve to be buried with the story just yet.

In case you missed the action, you can hit the jump to see the top few comments from the bunch.

It should be noted that many asked if there was anything they could do to help. The GDAA has details on their website on how you can petition for the rebate, if you’re serious about fighting the good fight.NegativeZero:

The simple fact of the matter is that Helen Coonan has *absolutely no idea* what she is doing. The state of broadband is a joke, the games industry is plateauing due to lack of support, and all she’s interested in doing is throwing millions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet to push mandatory and completely impractical content filtering onto ISPs and the like.


This makes me so amazingly annoyed.
The Australian government has such little respect for computer gaming, the arts, and education.
Just because lots of dinosaurs once lived on the oddly shaped mass that became Australia.

Dr In3rtia:

There was something a politician once said that always stuck with me “Australia is a technological goat track” and I think this suits the article perfectly.


forget it. the howard government has been little more than a series of incremental retrograde steps on just about everything *except* help for their rich mates. I mean seriously, with all the cash they blew on pseudo privatising telstra and installing Trujillo? don’t even get me started.


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