World in Conflict Movie Maker Next Week

wic_mmt.jpgWhat? The World in Conflict Broadcast Tool wasn’t enough? Well, it’s good then that Massive plans to double-up on its generosity from this week with the gift of its Movie Maker Tool next week.

While the Broadcast Tool will satisfy the professional gamers, the Movie Maker will undoubtedly find a warm and comfortable spot in the hearts of machinima fans.

In an interview provided by Sierra/Vivendi to go along with the news, Massive’s Tobias Nyman and Stefan Johansson go into a bit more detail on the utility:

TOBIAS: I think the tool is going to appeal mostly to people who’re ready to put some effort into it, but it’s of course easier for people with at least some prior knowledge of movie making and filming.

STEFAN: Essentially, anyone who’s made any machinimas before should be able to figure it out. And with the help of our manual, it should be pretty easy to figure out the basics of how the tool works

TOBIAS: And if you want to create more than just cool camera-paths for showing of ” like a trailer or so ” then you have to edit it, so you should have an editing program at hand. But editing programs today are easy to learn. At the end of the day editing is only about taste.

Tobias even makes mention of a shaky-cam feature. Shaky-cam people! I have to say, if Massive can keep up this pace with tool support, then WiC will have nothing but an excellent future.


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