Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

Carmack Codes On Honeymoon, And Every Vacation
And somehow the man is still married. Must be the money, right?

Frankenreview, Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360)
A genetically-spliced review of an equally messed up game.

Okami Wii Confirmed
Seems the PlayStation 2 couldn’t keep this bad boy, er, bad wolf, from Nintendo.

GRAW 2’s Co-op Collection
Because it’s sometimes better to shoot with your friends.

Sony to Sell PS3 “Cell” Facility to Toshiba
Sony cuts the old ball and chain free.

Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Manchester United Nil
Another batch of funny from Zero Punctuation, with Valve’s Orange Box in the spotlight.


  • I thought all articles would be shown in the Aus version and then some local news to top it off. I recently found that by going back to the US version, i was getting more news. It’s getting rather annoying having to read both editions to get those last few stories. Can the Aus version please just include all stories from the US Kotaku?

  • @Alioth: All the US stories are included in the Australian version. We’ve been having problems with our US feed lately (totally out of our hands), which has meant some stories have been lost (only a few) or delayed, but otherwise it’s all there.

    There is a slight delay with the absolute latest entries, but that’s all.

    I should note the the Wrap-o-matic only links to the best posts from overnight. You’re free to browse everything that has came through.

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