Friendly Plantronics Competition Reminder

Friendly Plantronics Competition Reminder

plantronics_logo.jpgIf you didn’t see it the first time round, Plantronics has kindly donated two of its .Audio 770 gaming headphones as prizes for Kotaku AU readers. The conditions of the competition, strangely enough, haven’t changed, so keep those comments coming!

If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, best to see yesterday’s post where the topic was covered at length.

Win a Set of Plantronics .Audio 770 Gaming Headphones [Kotaku AU]


  • Friendly reminders are good – so much better than the kind of “friendly” reminders that involve heavy blunt instruments smashing into kneecaps 😉

    Thanks for an excellent competition

  • @pferris: You really should move if they’re the kind of “friendly” reminders that you’ve been receiving, or, you could learn to run faster and lock your door. Either way is a sure fire win!

    Must agree with you as well on the competition, it is indeed excellent. Its great to see Kotaku expanding, and props to Luke, Logan, and anyone else making the AU portion possible: You guys rock because of it.

    Just curious, are there going to be any other regions set up, e.g. uk or Japan? Not sure who would run the UK one but I’m sure bashcraft could power on through the jp one. Then again, that all depends on readership I’m assuming =)

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