How To Turn An Xbox Or PS2 Into An Xbox 360

How To Turn An Xbox Or PS2 Into An Xbox 360

Or a PlayStation 3, if you happen to swing that way.

Oz Kotakuite Chickenplucka reveals that GAME is currently accepting old Xbox and Playstation 2 consoles, along with ten games, in exchange for a healthy price cut on a brand new PS3 or Xbox 360.

The specific details from Chickenplucka himself:

A PS3 for $299 or the Xbox 360 Christmas Console Bundle (the one with HDMI output, the new chipset, Forza 2 and Viva Pinata) for $199.

I have to say, the 360 deal sounds pretty good. If I didn’t have one already, I’d seriously consider handing in my dust-riddled Xbox.

Thanks for the tip, CP!


  • Game opened a new store in Canberra recently… not impressed at all. Everything was full RRP (eg $99.95+) and GH3 was $169 for Xbox 360!!! Next door Dick Smith had it for $146, and a couple hundred metres away JB had it for $139… (the one I bought, naturally)

  • I cant seem to find any Game stores in Victoria.
    Though EB does have a price match policy – so possibly they could match the deal.

    Then again I have a 360… and im not busting for a PS3…

  • There is a new GAME store in the shopping centre at Innaloo, in Perth. If this deal is true then ill be picking up a couple of crappy xbox titles of ebay to go along with my dusty old sex box. Xbox titles I dont care about, but they can’t take my precious PS2 games! *holds dearly*

  • Try finding a game wizard store, i know GAME (UK company) bought out the local game wizard franchise, so they may have the same deal. They may not..worth a look though.

  • GAME in victoria is in Epping, Watergardens, Knox and Frankston.

    and as an employee im not entirely sure the 199 360 deal is true, in victoria atm the ps3 deal is right but the 360 is different…

  • This sounds too good to be true, I’ll be heading in there tomorrow with my boxed ps2 and 10 games. Finally, I can add the PS3 to my next-gen family.

  • you should make mention they only accept major titles if you have games that are not incredibly populaur or mainstream they dont accept them.

  • Chris, check your commercial updates mate!!
    $31 dollars per game (thats not on the exclusion list) $70 for the console and the Xbox goes at $579. Making the deal $199.

    Otherwise without the trade in you can buy the 360 for $529, which is a pretty good deal.

  • 360 deal was actually an email deal offered through and IGN email lists. just mention the net and your fine to do it

    speaking as an employee as well

  • On their website, it said the deal was valid until December 9.

    Today my friend rings up, planning to buy 360 through the trade-in.

    “It has expired”.

    I’m confused. The deal WAS ON THEIR SITE and it clearly stated the deal was valid until December 9. And now, the deal isn’t even ON their site.

    I’m really confused. Now my friend has to cough up the extra $300 because GAME is being utterly stupid.

    Anyone have any idea how to get this deal… back? It’s the EIGHTH of December, one day before that deal was meant to end. This is ridiculous.

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