Puzzle Quest To Get Free Web Game Tie-In

puzzle_quest_xbla.jpgInfinite Interactive plans to launch an online web-based game as a companion to its popular Puzzle Quest title, CEO and lead designer Steve Fawkner revealed today.

During his talk “Widening your Audience: Casual Games, Hardcore Appeal” at Melbourne’s Game Connect event, Fawkner let slip that the developer was working on a new project. But it wasn’t Galactrix as I had first guessed.

Launching in around a month’s time, the game will function in a similar way to that of Neopets. Although Fawkner was light on the details, he did mention that players will be able to buy armies and conquer a “world map” using gold pieces, gained by submitting your scores from – I’m guessing – Puzzle Quest.

Fawkner also mentioned that the game would be free of change, would link in with Infinite’s future releases and will be for the PC version of Puzzle Quest, at least for the time being.


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