Win a Set of Plantronics .Audio 770 Gaming Headphones

Audio770.jpgAs mentioned in the past, I've always been a bit wary of companies that go out of their way to brand their products with some kind of gaming-orientated moniker.

However, having used the .Audio 770 for a few days, I've found them to be quite good. They include a noise-cancelling circuit in the microphone, and the drivers deliver a clear, crisp sound, even if they're a little light on the bass. Oh, and they're comfy-as.

After chatting to Plantronics about this quite-goodness, we managed to organise two sets (each worth $129) to give away to Kotaku AU readers.

All you have to do to be in with a chance is to make a comment. That's right, just comment on any story over the next week, and if we think it's particularly funny, inspirational or informative, your name will be added to a list of potential finalists.

Thanks to Plantronics for providing the prizes!

Full conditions after the jump.- To enter, simply comment on a Kotaku AU post during the next week. Specifically, valid dates are November 8, 2007 to November 15, 2007. If we deem the comment nifty enough, you will be added to the list of finalists.

- Winners will be announced on November 19, 2007.

- Prizes can not be exchanged for cash.

- Competition is only open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

Any questions, just email logan AT kotaku DOT com DOT au.


    Sounds interesting, can't wait ^__^

    Just in time! My current sennheisers just got broken by my g/f. Admittedly it was my fault as I shouldn't have left them on the floor. Still, its never fun to hear your g/f say "you know how your headphones used to be like this *hands parrallel* well now they're like this *One hand now perpendicular to the other*"

    Ah well. Anyway, I'll try and remember to do a decent post in the next week.

    I could use a new set of headphones, so consider me 'entered'.

    By the way, how come there's no proper 'log in' like the ones on the US kotaku?

    Sounds like a good idea... oh yes you heard me...

    Did you know it was a Plantronics headset that Neil Armstrong used on the moon?
    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...” and no it wasn't the headsets fault for missing 'a', just a blunder on Armstrong's behalf. :P

    ok i'm gonna stop before my head asplodes.

    It's fantastic to receive some lovin' attention directed towards the land down under (where I currently reside) from you guys! Nice!

    Man this couldn't come at a better time! My old planPlantronics head phones just died last night while playing css...

    Er, my last comment was meant to be tongue in cheek - apologies for the innuendo.

    Over the NEXT week? Gah!!! I used up all my intelligence on my comment about cheating in games... Do you know how long it takes for me to recharge that stuff? Weeks!!!!!

    Now where did I put that "Infinite Intelligence" code? I'm sure it was "Press tilde to bring up the console, then..."

    Maybe you just forgot to mention it, but it's good to see that this raffle doesn't require the person to be over 18 years of age. Yes, I know about all that legal mumbo jumbo, but it gets really frustrating at times. I still have to wait for one whole year to legally enter a Kotaku contest..

    i wonder, are they surround? I've heard of souround sound headsets, awesome idea

    hay issac,

    Im not so sure about surround headsets being totally awesome. I remember a while ago reading about issues inherent in the surround headphones, while initially a good idea, some games (for example some racing games, burnout comes to mind) have funny surround sound protocols, that sound good with surround speakers but are jumpy with headphones, like in a racing game when a car passes you, you will notice that the sound jumps from speaker to speaker, and not gradually flow.

    (I am an Australian resident but dont sign me up, I already have a pair of head phones, not super awesome gaming head sets, but works with my creative zen and my laptop, got to love them philips foldy dj ones, with the long cables.)

    I will try but the AU kotaku comments section always just fkn bugs out on me when I try to use it.

    This is the most responses we have gotten so far for an Aus post, im pretty sure.

    Paying attention? All it takes is the promise of free stuff! Not that there's anything wrong with that. I posted.

    @Isaac + MYS34N,

    I've heard the same reports. I think its partly due to the architecture of the majority of those "surround" headphones. They are typically implemented by adding an extra two speakers in each ear piece. Sounds like a great idea but when they're that close together the intensities would simply flicker around like Mys3an said.

    Still, I've always like the idea of it "Surround sound on my head? Awesome!"

    Does this count?

    ive been looking for some new headphones.... i am also interested if they are surround sound headphones. even if i don't win, i am seriously thinking about buying a pair of these.

    Actually looking at the pic of the headset, I would think it would only be comfortable if you had square ears.

    Maybe you could learn to wear them over time.

    Being a large-handed, big headed 6'3" man, I can imagine I fall in that region of 'squished ears'.

    You know, when you take off headphones which are meant to encapsulate your whole ear, but yours are so stupidly large, you can still see them out the sides with the head-set on?

    Oh well, a decent set of phones would be great - my last set died. And then died again when I took a soldering iron to it. It went down-hill from there!

    This would be very much appreciated. I currently have a pair of Logitech... I dunno, something or others. USB headset. The damn things make my ears feel like they're being crushed after about 20 minutes of use. Having something better for late night gaming would be fantastic.

    oh great idea for a competition. The headphones I have hurt my ears and have background noise :(
    Bring these ones on :)

    P.S. pc's > consoles

    yeah i heard of surround sound headsets ages ago. there must be a reason why they aren't common

    I use a set of plantronics at work. It'll be more fun to wear this set playing Enemy Territory though :)

    wow I ilke free suff please emter me into this contest.

    yay! free headphone...

    If only I know how to post an 'interesting' post... Neway, hope the headphone is as good as Logan's mentioned. Coz those headphones look awfully like 'cubicky'... Not really fashionable I should say...

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