Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

Super Mario Bros. Tesla Coil
Nothing makes me quite so happy as the smell of ozone in the morning.

EA Confirms EA Chicago is Closing
Another one bites the dust. Usually EA just renames and merges its studios, so this is big news.

Mutant Storm Empire
Because genetics is always fun.

What Your Console Tells Dating Partners
Sufficed to say, not owning any greatly improves your chances of a second date.

Bethesda Go Ahead And Make A Portal Level
Fallout 3 not keeping Bethesda busy enough? Get back to work you slackers.

New PS2 Confirmed, Not Slimmer, Not $US 99
As popular as the console remains, Sony’s going to need to really retrofit the PS2 to slow down the decline in sales.

40GB PS3 Still Using 90nm Chips
Move along, nothing to see here.


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