EA/Crytek Prefer Not To Comment On Corpse Mod

crysis4.jpgI chased EA/Crytek last week for a comment regarding their decision to remove a user-created blood and physics corpse mod for Crysis from Crymod.com, Crytek’s official modding website, and requests to Crysis community sites to do the same.

EA got back to me today to say it would “prefer not to comment” – which is pretty lame if you ask me. Although neither company technically has to say anything, it is a gross disservice to fans and players not to clarify the reasoning behind the decision.

I guess it hopes to sweep the whole thing under the carpet. If this is true, it sets a nasty precedent for Crysis modders.

EA & Crytek Say No To Blood And Ragdoll Corpse Mod [Kotaku AU]


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