OFLC Hands GTA IV MA 15+ Rating

ma15.jpgRocktstar delayed Grand Theft Auto IV until 2008 for reasons unknown back in August.

We hate delays, we do, so it's good to know that the OFLC won't be driving any extra stolen cars into the fray for GTA IV's release. A quick check of the OFLC database shows that the game received an MA 15+ rating on December 11, which means the only thing that could hold back the game's release is Rockstar itself.

Don't make us cry, Rockstar. Please.

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV Game (Multi Platform) [Office of Film and Literature Classification, thanks Mike]


    Just wait for some low level minister to hear about this and make a stink about "Our Children" being "Corrupted".

    hey if gran theft auto is anything by it's trailers the framerate's going to be appallingly bad on the ps3.

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