World in Conflict Gets SDK Goodness

wic_2.jpgMassive today continues to support the World in Conflict community, making the software development kit (SDK) to its popular action RTS available for download.

The SDK will allow users to modify most aspects of the game to create everything from tiny tweaks to weapons and units, to full-blown conversions that change the very foundations of the game.

The release of the SDK brings the free program count for World in Conflict up to four, when you include the map maker, movie maker and the broadcast tool. Can anyone think of anything else they’d like to see? Because I’m clean out of ideas.

The SDK even comes with its own wiki, to aid budding mod makers with the basics.

If you’re interested in downloading the SDK, you can grab it via Internode (and plenty of other mirrors, I’d imagine). Also, take note of the requirements:

The installation requires:
– World in Conflict version
– WicEd version (WicEd + Hot fix)
– 5-6 GB of additional disk space per installation of the Mod Kit.
– Admin rights on the computer

Sounds reasonably manageable to me.

The Mod Kit is unleashed! []


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