Kotaku AU Wishes You A Happy New Year

Kotaku AU Wishes You A Happy New Year

drunkguy.jpgIt’s true. I just had a D&M with the site and it wants to wish you all the best for the new year. Oh, and all the actual people who work at Kotaku do too. Including me. And my hands.

I hope you guys had a kicking night las night and managed to get out and see the fireworks. I managed to find a perch near my place in North Sydney, so I had a great view of the bridge. I spent most of my time though trying to figure out if the hourglass was counting down to anything. It wasn’t – it was just meant to look pretty.

And look pretty it did.


  • Fireworks were awesome as usual, even in Melbourne! Had the best day eva with mates.

    Here’s to another year Kotaku.

  • Gosh next time I’ll come round to yours – battling buses and people to get somewhere which I could have walked home from quicker? grrr

    Or I’ll watch it on tv…

  • I was rather impressed. I too had an awesome view of the bridge from a friends place in potts point.

    And the timer thing…well all I could think was “Time for fireworks!” It always was a disappointment when the circle was completed and all that happened was that it starts again.

    On another note: Nice work for last year and all the best with this one =) Keep up the good work Kotak-au!

  • Happy New Year Logan! Thanks for bringing to us all the Australian news that regular Kotaku managed to miss. Looking forward to your coverage in 2008!

  • Happy new year!

    must say, i thought the hourglass was silly… but then again, i spent the whole night playing pangya golf 😀

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