This FIFA 13 Skills Video Will Amaze You

FIFA releases always tends to sneak up on us. It's released a little bit earlier than all the other blockbusters. We're sitting at our desks and then bam! There's FIFA. It's a good thing, because I always feel like I have some breathing space to indulge in my favourite sports series.

This incredible video — compiled from footage taken at a recent FIFA community night — showcases some of the new gameplay, but is mostly an amazing compilation of insane skills.

I'm pretty excited about the release of FIFA 13, I managed to get some hands on with it last month and had an absolute blast. I particularly like the new first touch system — which brings a bit more realism to the whole thing and makes for a more strategic contest.

Can't wait for the FIFA 13 release date to sneak up on me all over again.

Thanks MMGN!


    Looks incredible. as it always does each year.

    However, most of these skill moves I perform just about every game, except maybe the rainbow flick.

    I was hoping for some extra moves added into FIFA 13 to experiment with, but I'm yet to see anything new.

    Still, game looks good and will be getting on launch.

    What gets me excited is the new tutorial mode-I think they are calling it Skill Games- which will allow you to better learn advance dribbling, set pieces etc.
    I'm a decent FIFA player but I'm never able to properly dribble, queue up set pieces and the like. My play style is usually dependent on through passes and headers.

    My system with the FIFA games so far has been to skip a year. I played 11 and skipped 12 so I might pick up 13.

    Also the demo releases next week. Wooo.

    Hasn't changed much since World Cup 98, still looks easy to score.

      Really depends on the skill level of who you're up against.

        True. I really haven't played any soccer sim since Playstation 2's Fifa 2001. However ISS Pro Evolution still remains my favourite.

          My all time favourite will forever be ISS 64.

            I'm one of those weirdos that still prefer Pro Evo to Fifa.. it just feels like it has more.. i don't know.. soul or something? I just like the way the games play... and Master League... GIMMIE GIMMIE!

            Omg. International Superstar Soccer 64? The funnest game when I was in Primary school. Pennalty shootouts would consist of ridiculously big rectangles as aimers and the keeper had to keep his aimer on the shooters in order to save the goal. Of course panning left and right really fast made keeping impossible!
            It was the only soccer game I've played where you can literally push the keeper over for saving your shot.

    Realistically same shit different year.

      I have played FIFA pretty much all my gaming life, until last year where I bought FIFA 12 and PES 12. I found PES more enjoyable, as someone who like to play the career mode, which FIFA haven't changed in over 5 years. I also prefer the game style, FIFA has become to 'arcadey' for my liking, and the whole UT thing pisses me off, I have some friends that play it religiously and all they talk about is who has the best speed, strength and long shot stats because thats all that matters in FIFA.

    I dont think you are weird.i prefer PES too,i buy these games every year and no matter the hype surrounding Fifa,PEs always wins.

    Robinho playing in a Barcelona shirt?

    It doesn't look that different to 12 to be honest. Having said that I'll still pick it up being the sucker that I am.

    Was a Pro Evo fan boy for about a decade since ISS 64 rocked my world. But when Fifa 11 came out and the gameplay seemed much more organic than Fifa had always been and Pro Evo was looking like it hadn't progressed since the PS2 I switched to Fifa. Still miss my master league but the Player Manager mode (with all the licenses!) fills the void and the ability to build up a character and earn attributes by performing different skills, and achieving objectives etc. really took it to another level for me. Can't wait for Fifa 13.

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