Win a PSP Slim & Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

Win a PSP Slim & Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

dis_cut.jpgNo need to blink, rub your eyes or do an amusing double-take. Kotaku Australia and KOEI/THQ have joined forces to give you guys the opportunity to win a brand new Sony PSP Slim and a copy of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.

We also have four additional copies of the game to give away to a few lucky runners-up. In total, the prize pool weighs in at $600.

Afternoon of Darkness is a remake of the critically acclaimed Hour of Darkness on the Playstation 2. Developed by Nippon Ichi Software, this tactical role-playing game has everything you could want from an anime-styled RPG – quirky characters, an entertaining plot, in-depth gameplay and plenty of replayability.

As you can see, it makes perfect sense to offer the game as a giveaway. For all the gritty competition details (such as what the heck you need to do to enter), hit the jump!Okay, so what do you have to do? Just take a photo of something you have made that’s anime or manga-related. Keep in mind that extra props will be paid to entries that are Disgaea themed, so it’s in your best interests to go to the effort.

All photos should be sent to [email protected] with “Disgaea competition” in the subject line. This is very important, so make sure you get it right.

Some example of things you could do:
– Dress up in a costume
– Building something out of Lego, paper or other craft goods
– Take a picture of someone who looks like a famous anime/manga/Disgaea character
– Re-enact your favourite anime scene
– Make a cartoon

Feel free to be as creative as you want, as long as it’s anime/manga themed and preferably related to Disgaea!

If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to visit the Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness website.

A few conditions:
1) Only residents of Australia may enter.
2) The competition will end on February 20, 2008, after which no more entries will be accepted. The winner and runners-up will also be chosen on this date.
3) Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash and no deliberation will be entered into.
4) Winners should allow 2-4 weeks for prize delivery.
5) All entries become property of Allure Media, unless otherwise noted in written agreement.

Update: Here’s the more official-looking Terms & Conditions.

There’s no need to supply your address with your entry – we’ll be in touch if we like what we see.

Now, get to work! You only have 21 days to get your entry done!

Mad props to KOEI/THQ for providing us with these excellent prizes.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness [Official site]


  • Question, does it have to be all original material or can we throw in some character sprites/pictures into the pictures using photoshop?

  • You can Photoshop stuff up, that’s fine. As long as the end product is original. For example, you couldn’t take a character image verbatim and add a moustache. 😛

  • How many entries will you accept? For instance, I have a tendency to try a few different things, like maybe a digital image, photograph, sketch, model etc. Could you send in a variety or which would be eligible?

  • beautiful. i had been thinking of getting a psp, and starting a personal creative project, so this is perfect.

    thanks K.aus

    now is the time to research disgaea

  • I just thought of something. What is someone supposed to do if they only win runner up prize. Thats kinda like forcing those poor runner ups to spend $300 to buy PSP systems just to enjoy their prize.

    Its a cruel trick you guys are playing on us, but your lucky the PSP is totally worth it for Disgaea (and possibly Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles)

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