Win GAME1, Receive A Royal Shafting

Win GAME1, Receive A Royal Shafting

trunch.jpgStarks over at Australian Gamer recently informed me that the winners of both the Melbourne and Sydney GAME1 tournaments, held in early November and December 2007 respectively, have yet to receive their justly-earned treasures.

The official GAME1 website states that the event is “the biggest and busiest electronic gaming expo and tournament in the country”. The expo is run by events company Cabin Group/AutoSalon, who from my experience tends to run a tight ship. According to Starks, there were no issues with previous tournaments.

However, the latest event was a different story. The write-up by Starks on AutoSalon’s shenanigans reports that representatives from the company and GAME1 itself have being unable to provide a satisfactory answer as to why the prizes have yet to be awarded. Of course, that’s when Starks was actually able to talk to someone.

From the article:

I e-mailed Cameron [Ferris, one of the organisers]on Friday, but have not heard a reply. I called his mobile – I got his message bank. I called Cabin Group – Automated responses and no human contact.

According to Starks, the winners of the Melbourne competition have been waiting close to two months, while the Sydney champs have been staring expectedly at their letterboxes/bank accounts for one.

If AutoSalon plans to run the event this year, I can’t say I’ll be an enthusiastic attendee. Indeed, this does little for its reputation and even if the prizes are delivered in the next few weeks, there’s no way we’re going to be able to take the tournament seriously.

Still no payment for GAME1 Winners / Runners up [Australian Gamer, thanks Starks]


  • I’m not surprised this happened again. The mention of no issues with prizes at the 2006 Game1 event isn’t entirely accurate. I helped run a 100 player LAN at that the 2006 event and we had huge problems with getting prizes out to winners after the event. The cash wasn’t so much an issue as that was sorted shortly after. The main problem we had was with the prizes donated by Altech computers. We we’re told by Autosalon we’d have the prizes to give out at the event only to find out during the event that wasn’t the case.

    When we finally got a contact at Altech to work with on getting the prizes sorted which was about 1 1/2 months after the event, it was a little easier as they we’re really helpful. The prizes didn’t actually get out to the winners until mid January which was far too long to be waiting in my opinion. I can’t comment on the 2007 event as I wasn’t involved at all but we found overall there seemed to be a serious lack of communication and organization of the event on Autosalon / Game1’s part. I would have thought a lot of those issues might have been sorted out for the following years event but apparently not.

    You can get a bit more of an idea of what was happening at the time from this thread:

  • What supportive evidence does this article bring with it? Oh hearsay of course, yet you claim a royal shafting by Auto Salon. Looking forward to the defamation case Kotaku.

  • @A Gamer: If you follow the link through to the Australian Gamer article, you’ll find a lot more than just hearsay.

    By the way, you’re not from AutoSalon are you? Because I’d be more than happy to have a chat! Feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss the details, or even better, get in contact with Starks.

  • @A Gamer: I’m pretty sure you’re working for AutoSalon or someone involved there. In which case I suggest you look into defamation law more thoroughly. You can’t sue someone for the truth. You can’t even sue someone for being wrong if they had reason to believe it was the truth.

    It interests me that the immediate response we got was to threaten to sue, rather than promise to pay.

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