Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

It's still Valentine's Day over in the States, so bear this in mind when you read the posts that came over during the night.

World In Conflict Slated For Consoles This Fall I'm sure it'll do well, but I have yet to play a, well, playable RTS on console. Best of luck to Massive.

Frankenreview: Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360) A freakish combination of reviews from across the Internet. Is Lost Odyssey the best RPG on the 360?

Wii Fit: Not Actually Intended To Make You Fit Really? No idea how we got the impression otherwise. It'd have nothing to do with the fact it's called Wii Fit, would it?

EA Officially Alerts Us To Red Alert 3 In case you were still in doubt. So less doubt, more rejoicing.

Spore DS Screens Spore, it's coming to us in September. Maybe.

Listen to The Duke Nukem Forever Clusterfuck This is what happens when you read too much into "kinda sorta" quotes.


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