ACMI Teaches Parents About Games

ACMI Teaches Parents About Games

kids.jpgIf the Game On exhibition wasn’t enough, the ACMI now has its sights set on educating parents on both the fun and serious aspects of gaming.

Each day, from March 25 to March 28 and March 31 to April 4, the ACMI will be running its “Navigating games for parents” sessions. By the looks of things, the sessions will focus on a variety of topics, from game classification to cheating (the good kind).

Not only are the sessions free, there’s also mention of Easter eggs.

Note that the ACMI is located in Melbourne, so it’s a locals-only event, unless you’re willing to make the interstate trip.

Navigating games for parents [ACMI, via Sumea]


  • “cheating (the good kind).”
    There’s a good kind of cheating?

    I went to Game On today (At the Australian Centre for the Moving Image). Not bad, not amazing. Speaking of classification and all that, I find it a tad hypocritical that Game On has a rather large section devoted to GTA, including snippets of code, storyboards, photos and information about the creators, a replica weapon, and game covers from over the years – yet the Australian Government (temporarily) banned two GTA games from sale here. I know it’s all one guy’s fault (Micheal Atkinson), but the rest of the Government still put us in a position that irrationally gives one person that power.

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