Kotaku Australia Originals: Lost – The Really Bad Video Game To Game Shop Goldmine

ausglobe_01.jpgA recap of February’s Oz gaming news? Why certainly!

Last month 2K Games and EA frustrated us to no end, with the former hiking up the price of Civilization IV on Steam (informally know as “chucking an Activision“) and the latter deciding that Australia didn’t deserve multiplayer support for the Wii’s Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (informally known as “stupid”). This wouldn’t have been so bad had EA not waited until the game was well and truly on retail shelves before saying something. That, and only providing a statement and refund offer after players – rightly – kicked up a stink.

Lost: The Video Game turned out to be lacking, which came as no surprise to most, and the GameTraders in Perth supplied our Western brothers and sisters with plenty of games way before their official street dates.

Oh, and it turns out Kevin Rudd’s son Marcus plays World of Warcraft, though we’re still waiting on confirmation.

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