Australian Playstation 3 GTA IV Bundle Confirmed

ps3_gtaiv.jpgYou know that rumour about an Australian PS3 GTA IV bundle we heard not so long ago? Well, this promo page at confirms it as true.

Just to go over the essentials, the pack will be available from May 1 with an RRP of $749.95. It'll come with a 40GB PS3, SixAxis controller (I know, I know) and a copy of GTA IV

According to the page, it's available for a "strictly limited time" so if the bundle intrigues you, best check it out now.

Limited Edition Playstation 3 GTA IV pack [, thanks Simon]


    Available for a "strictly limited time" because Sony are just trying to clear out the last remaining,now obsolete sixaxis controllers. Wait a week or two and you'll get a Dual Shock in a bundle.

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