Dual Shock 3, Now Available At My Place

ds3_big.jpgIs there stock of the Playstation 3 Dual Shock 3 controller in the country? I would say this package, which arrived on my front door not long ago, would suggest a "Yes".

I look forward to putting my SixAxis into retirement. Now I just need to get a second one so my other SixAxis doesn't get jealous. Looks like I'll be waiting until the 24th to do that.


    According to IGN this US$55 controller is going to set us back AU$100. Looks like another item to add to my GTA4 overseas order (my copy of Dark Sector arrived yesterday, hooray for PS3 being region free).

    i purchased a dualshock 3 at a brisbane gametraders store over a week ago... the packaging is japanese, no issue there though.

    the point is, there is no need to wait or import - you can buy one over the counter right now.

    yeah @ $99 au they can go jump, I will import thank you very much.

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