proto_site_small.jpgPrototype Website Relaunched Today: There's no time for co-op multiplayer, but enough for a site redesign! At least the AUS/NZ version is being handled locally. There's a Flash mini-game involving DNA and base pairs, where you can unlock exclusive media. I spent five minutes with it and parted ways confused. Official site


    I haven't had much luck finding any codes on the site or via Googling yet, but I did fluke a couple just by experimentation.

    Swapping 4 and 7 gives a postcard, and 1 and 8 gives a flyer - both mentioning a town in Idaho.

    Looks like there's some link between this town and the viral outbreak, but I guess time will tell.

    I'm very keen for the game - despite the loss of coop play - but the experience will really hinge for me on the plot. These little skerricks of backstory aren't a bad appetiser, but I want more!

    If anyone finds any more codes, post 'em here and share the love!

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