Queensland, Home To 40 Percent Of Australian Developers

qld_left.jpgA Courier Mail story, posted today, points out that at 48.5%, the Queensland has the highest percentage of game developers in the country and collects 40% of the industry's earnings, or $55 million if you happen to like dollar signs. It's all in the Australian Bureau of Statistics report we talked about not long ago.

The article includes comments from Steve Stamatiadis, creative director at Krome Studios, as to why the state is such a force in the Oz games industry. According to Stamatiadis, Queensland is not only a hotbed of talent, but has the educational facilities and history to back it up.

Stamatiadis also couldn't help but mention that the Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is being developed at Krome. He reckons it's "a big honour and a huge marketing juggernaut", two facts we couldn't agree more with.

State leads the industry [Courier Mail, via Sumea]


    Poor guys, having to live there...


    I always thought that the spread was pretty much 50/50 between Qld and Melbourne. Guess that's not quite the accurate picture any more.

    A bit of irony there in relation to the Auran photo and caption.

    You said "the Queensland has the highest percentage of game developers in the country"

    it's not "the Queensland" it's just "Queensland"

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