Aussie Dev Firemint Releases Sims DJ, First iPod Game

simsdj_left.jpgiPhone gaming is growing at its own, methodic pace. EA's interested, Sega wants in, Nnooo has a few ideas and even Bioware has its thinking hand stroking its chin. Great stuff, sure, but it makes you wonder what happened to the whole iPod gaming movement.

Never fear, Australian developer Firemint is holding down the fort with Sims DJ. Yes, a few months back CEO Rob Murray stated the studio was excited about the iPhone. Yeah, the iPod isn't the iPhone, but Sims DJ is a step in the right direction.

I haven't played Sims DJ (I don't even own an iPod, let alone anything from Apple), but apparently review site Pocketgamer gave it 8/10. Not too shabby.

The product page on Firemint's website says the game was released on June 9. No worries guys, just let us know a little sooner next time!


    Get amongst it, Logan! Apple is calling you...

    this is very cool, i had a chance to play it, and well.. i played it a lot. now my expectations have been raised for what iphone or even the ipod should be able to achieve

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