Diablo III Art, Inspired By Titan Quest

Diablo III Art, Inspired By Titan Quest

portals_tq_d3.jpgI was going through a bunch of Diablo III screenshots, mourning the possible demise of the Necromancer, when I spotted this shot of a Barbarian character pounding the unlife out of a few skeletons. You’ll notice he stands defiant on a circular stone ruin with ancient script imprinted around its circumference.

Upon seeing this image (on the left) I thought I recognised the ruin. So, I loaded up Titan Quest (*ick*), ran into the first town and took the screen cap on the right. Notice anything?

Okay, so they’re not identical, but the similarities are hard to ignore. I’m not sure if the ruins in Diablo III serve as a town portal, but if they do, I have to wonder: Is someone from the now-defunct Iron Lore working at Blizzard, or has an artist on the Diablo III team been playing too much Titan Quest?

In all seriousness, it’s just a coincidence. This is not another Limbo of the Lost, and it would be silly to suggest otherwise. Just have a smirk and move along!

Larger pictures after the jump.

Note: I’d be first in line to describe Titan Quest as the most shameless Diablo clone ever made, so don’t think I’m trying to show Diablo III is doing it here!diablo3_portal.jpg


  • I always thought titan quest looked pretty sweet but I never had a rig that could play it. My pc is old, it actually has two serial ports and a parrellel port…*sigh*

    I’ll go through the grueling process of getting a new one next year.

    On a side note I’m slightly worried about Diablo 3. The lack of a potion system concerns me as, sure it was annoying that your inventory was full of potions but it was also the most intense moments when you mash the whole number section from 1-8 when you were getting hammered. It may feel a bit too easy without this system.

    Additionally, it seems like they’ve got the dark feeling to it but the graphical style seems to reminiscent of warcraft to the point I could be playing “Warcraft 4: Heroes”…

    Heres hoping that diablo 3 is as awesome as it should be (and it does still look awesome I’ll be upgrading for it =)

  • Soooo… what? Now concentric circle stairs are a copyrightable idea? I’m pretty sure you can find similar structures in similar settings inside other games. So I mean really… this is non news

  • @WarOtter: You’re right, it’s not news. Just a humorous observation. You’ll note I don’t say “ripped off” at all in the article, because nothing has been!

  • I would say that Blizzard is getting way to much credit for often very simple games both graphically and content wise.

    I liked Diablo II but one might have to accept the fact that other companies also can make good games and Titan Quest is one of them imo.

    I don’t consider TQ a clone off the Diablo series, just like i don’t consider all shooters a clone of Doom or Wolfenstein 3d.

  • You realize that both of those pics show (authentically recreated I might add) classic Greek architecture, right? Instead of implying that Blizzard is “inspired by Titan Quest” you might want to change the misleading headline to reflect that they appear to be using authentic Greek influences.

  • Actually, not only did they have similar images but both screenshots show grass.

    Titan quest –> might have to buy it and pretend i’m playing diablo 2.5 if its that good to be shamelessly a diablo clone.

    I also see the woman in titan quests have clothes on. Geez.. Whats next!

  • I’m having trouble understanding why people are taking this so seriously. I’ve completely underestimated the furor of Diablo fans. The headline and article are entirely tongue in cheek.

  • I don’t want to sound too serious, but the title of the article is, “Diablo III art inspired by titan quest.” Which is funny cuase I just can’t seem to put my finger on where the guys over at Iron Lore got the idea for Titan Quest in the first place. Hmmmm…

    Everyone can whine and cry all they want about the color palletes and similarities with other games, But i’m willing to bet that after finally playing D3 for about 5 minutes, your going to completly forget about all of it.

  • Why trash Titan Quest, and the man who wrote this nice little article? Of course these two games and their respective creator groups inspired/inspires eachother! So what? I think it’s wonderful. People all over the world and in all times have copied, borrowed and stolen ideas from eachother. That’s what makes the human mind so powerful! Once such thief/borrower/copier was the great J.R.R. Tolkien himveryself. So there.

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