Diablo III Art, Inspired By Titan Quest

portals_tq_d3.jpgI was going through a bunch of Diablo III screenshots, mourning the possible demise of the Necromancer, when I spotted this shot of a Barbarian character pounding the unlife out of a few skeletons. You’ll notice he stands defiant on a circular stone ruin with ancient script imprinted around its circumference.

Upon seeing this image (on the left) I thought I recognised the ruin. So, I loaded up Titan Quest (*ick*), ran into the first town and took the screen cap on the right. Notice anything?

Okay, so they’re not identical, but the similarities are hard to ignore. I’m not sure if the ruins in Diablo III serve as a town portal, but if they do, I have to wonder: Is someone from the now-defunct Iron Lore working at Blizzard, or has an artist on the Diablo III team been playing too much Titan Quest?

In all seriousness, it’s just a coincidence. This is not another Limbo of the Lost, and it would be silly to suggest otherwise. Just have a smirk and move along!

Larger pictures after the jump.

Note: I’d be first in line to describe Titan Quest as the most shameless Diablo clone ever made, so don’t think I’m trying to show Diablo III is doing it here!diablo3_portal.jpg


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