Edited Dark Sector Resubmitted, Cleared By The OFLC

darksector_1.jpgNo chance for Dark Sector in Australia? Not quite the case. Local distributor AFA Interactive appears to have finally gotten its hands on the toned-down build for the Japanese market (or a custom one from developer Digital Extremes) and coaxed an MA 15+ rating from the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

AFA has yet to announce a release date, but it's fair to say we can expect Dark Sector to hit Australian shelves shortly.

Dark Sector Game (Multi Platform) [OFLC]


    I JUST ordered the US version off of eBay for AU$45

    No decapitations, no blood spurts and toned down finishing moves are bound to be rampant in the Australian version of this game, so I think I'll keep my foreign version of the game and all of its gory goodness, if it's all the same to you, Australia.

    Dark Sector isn't a very awesome game WITH decapitation included. I too purchased the US version, though a while ago, and it's quite forgettable.

    I wouldn't recommend picking up for anything other than to satisfy curiosity, and then, I'd only recommend the unedited version.

    Yeah, I'm not expecting anything off the charts. I just want a pretty shooter to mull away my time until something decent for the PS3 comes out.

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