Kotaku Australia Originals: You Guys Are Awesome Edition

ausglobe_01.jpgYes, you guys are awesome. Kotaku Australia is quickly approaching the one-year old mark, and in that time its reach, and the size of its community, have grown tremendously.

There’s no way this could have happened without your participation, be it an entry to a competition, 500 words on the state of games classification, or an entire essay on how fire mages have had a raw deal in World of Warcraft. Every contribution helps, and I hope to maintain Kotaku AU’s position as one of the top gaming blogs in the country, if not the best. So continue sending in tips, making thoughtful comments, pointing out my mistakes and, especially of all, reading.

Now, onto June! Well, back to June.

Last month saw the debut of a unique Kotaku AU feature called Game A Week, where I endeavour to code a new game every seven days, then make it available for free. I’ve managed three games so far, with a fourth due next Monday. The latest one in development is called “SimMMO” – feel free to have a guess as to what it’s about.

If you’d like to check out any of the Game A Week entries, I’ve linked them here:
Game A Week 3: Blockshooter
Kotaku AU’s Game A Week 2: Zafehouse, The Zombie Survival Simulator
Kotaku AU’s First Homemade Game A Week: Wizkill, A Roguelike

Age of Conan saw a lot of attention. Horse griefing, small boobs – whatever, the MMO had its time in the spotlight. Rock Band 2 was announced, causing Australians to wonder if EA had forgotten the fact that the first game isn’t even out here yet. The publisher also provoked some ill feelings by forcing Australians to use the NZ EA Store to purchase the Spore Creature Creator.

Finally, Shellshock 2 was refused classification, and perks galore were uncovered for Fallout 3.

That’s June in a few paragraphs Time to brace ourselves for July.

Hey EA, No One In Australia Cares About Rock Band 2

Girlfriend Plays Age of Conan, Wants Tiny Boobs

Another Perk & The First Ever Fallout 3 Cheat Code?

Fallout 3 CE Exclusive To EB Games? I Don’t Believe You!

Shellshock 2 Refused Classification In Australia, No Plans To Resubmit

Rumour: Australian PS2 Price Drop Incoming?

Who’s Having Problems With Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Some Fallout 3 Swag

DJ Uses Castlevania Name, Has Nothing To Do With Castlevania

How Do The Xbox 360 & PS3 Compare To The World’s Fastest Supercomputer?

Three Fallout 3 Perks

Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition Only A Retailer Exclusive In Australia?

Fallout 3 CE Bobblehead Made Out Of PVC (Trust Me, It’s A Good Thing)

What’s Infinite Interactive Made With The Spore Creature Creator?

Australians Can Only Buy Spore Creature Creator From… NZ EA Store?

Greg Bondar Speaks About Resignation, Potential Tax Rebate

Pre-Owned MGS4 From EB Games, Just $US 999.95

Finding The Funny In The R18+ Rating For Games Debate

Tantalus Working On ‘Unique’ Next Gen IP, Funded By ‘Top Tier’ Publisher

Australia Has Two Different Fallout 3 Collector’s Editions? Kinda.

Stores Now Dealing Cocaine In Australia & NZ

Red Tribe Made A Jumper Movie Game?

Meet Scarygirl, The Flashy Lady From Victoria

Jobs On Offer At Nnooo, Developer Of Pop

Age Of Conan: Making Horses Look Bad Since 2008

Intel GM965 X3100 Drivers Are Bugged, Cause Memory Corruption On Dells & Macbooks


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