Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

Zero Punctuation Takes On Ctrl+Alt+Del I've never seen Yatzhee unload on a web comic before, but hey, there's always a first time.

Suicide Girls Taps Into GTA IV Fetishism Not my cup of tea. If it does something for you, don't let me know.

Sony Pulls PS3 2.40 Firmware After Reported Problems PS3's 2.40 firmware not so magical after all. More dangerous, actually.

Frankenreview: Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360) Is Battlefield: Bad Company good company on a rainy day? Let's find out!

Diablo III Producer - 'Colour Is Your Friend' Colour is great, as long as it's not pink. Or anything related to pink. Which means Diablo III is safe as far as I'm concerned.

Bastard Thieves Steal PS3 From Disabled Teenager Before you say "those silly Americans", it might help to know this happened in Australia.


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