EA NZ Seems Confused Over Rock Band Pricing

rb_box.jpgThose Rock Band prices for New Zealand? According to Gameplanet, EA NZ "neglected to inform" the retailer that they were unconfirmed. I'm not 100% sure why a publisher would send out pricing info it wasn't sure of, unless someone pointed out how insanely expensive the game and hardware was after the fact.

The end result is the Gameplanet has removed the pricing from its site. But that's okay, because we still have it.

Rock Band price update [Gameplanet, thanks SamStride]


    Hey EA - I tell you one thing I am not confused about - I wont be buying your overprice game and cheap plastic junk instruments. Talk to me about prices after you have an idea about the current economic state of AU and NZ

    PS - stick your price and instruments up your ass

    Someone at EA/Harmonix up the chain freaked out, those prices weren't nearly high enough. :P

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