AU Rumour: Rock Band is dead. Long live Rock Band 2.

A couple of tips in quick succession and suddenly we have a new picture to paint for you. Tip #1 tells us that Rock Band has been listed as 'Discontinued' on at least one Australian game retailer computer system. We put in a call to a retailer ourselves and got a similar response (the guy on the phone sounded pretty confused when he saw Rock Band had apparently gone missing from their system, so it was news to him too). Tip #2 (thanks Hugh) points us to the fact Rock Band 2 received a PG rating from the Classification Board on August 21.

If the former tip is as true as the later, anyone care to guess what 1 + 1 equals? Or perhaps that should be 1 - 1 + 2? We've asked EA for their take on the story and (surprise!) they don't have any official comment to offer. They're waiting on MTV to decide exactly how/when/what will be released here.

Would you rather see Rock Band continue to delay if it meant skipping ahead to Rock Band 2? Is time of the essence? Did you import, or will you import, for PS3? Or is it Guitar Hero: World Tour for you regardless?


    I really would like to play rock band (1 or 2). But as EA seems to have no interest in releasing it here i guess i'll have to buy GH:WT. Hopefully the instruments you get with GH:WT will be fully compatible with Rock Band so i can just buy the games.

    Rock Band 2 has much better tracks the GH:WT, but yeah no price, or release date. Lame EA, lame.

    As an importer of the total Rock Band experience (from the UK), I've got to say that the problems that plagued its release - what with broken drum pedals and shoddy instruments - it is probably for the better that we get RB2 instead of 1.

    Just think, all the DLC from the first game will be available to use in RB2, and if you can find somewhere to pick up or borrow a copy, then all the songs from the first disk will transfer over onto your HD for use in the game.

    All in all - RB2 sounds like a better package, and we really don't miss out on that much if we get. If.

    Whoever releases first gets my money.

    I'm over RB - 1 or 2. After their shabby treatment of us Aussie gamers, I won't be buying whichever one they decide to pollute the shelves with. In fact, they've been GH:WT's best marketing campaign.

    I was under the impression both Sony and Microsoft have said that the controllers of the two games will work for both games? If that's so, then I'll just buy both!

    They'll need to do something for the AU market. Say RB1 disc in the RB2 bundle?

    GH:WT is getting the jump on them quick and they'll need a point of difference for mine. An extra 100 songs should do it.

    I've waited this long... I can wait a bit longer.

    I hope they release both. Rock Band 2 instruments and game, and the original Rock Band on its own. RB2's got the better instrument peripherals by far, but the actual music on the disc in RB2 is vastly inferior to RB1 (at least for me).

    I was currently planning to pick up GH:WT's instrument pack and then grab RB later, since GH:WT has better built instruments and it's roughly the same price to pick up GH:WT's Instrument + Game bundle + RB as it is to get RB + RB's inferior instrument bundle. If they do release RB2 with its instruments then I might need to rethink my strategy.

    @Daddy Spooks: You'll only be able to transfer over RB1 songs if Harmonix/EA/Microsoft decide to allow Australians to do that, thanks to the regioning of the XBLM and PSN systems. If they don't release the game here then chances are they'll just tell us to take a hike. It would be par for the course as far as EA's treatment of Australia over the game goes, really.

    I imported Rock Band (UK) + drums (US). I'm really looking forward to RB 2 & the premium drum kit. Hope I don't have to get it from overseas again. It's really disappointing that RB1 isn't released in oz yet & I feel they may as well not bother at this stage. They could at the very least provide some explanation. I've never liked EA's way of business and this only reinforces my frustration.

    having already imported rock band, i just wish EA and HMX would announce the Rock Band 2 UK release date so i can just get the game, damn US version is region locked. /sigh.

    And the Set list for GH:WT is pretty average. i dont see how it will compete woth rock band in the US.

    I'd prefer Rock Band over GH:WT, but it really is just which ever one actually gets released here. I'd love to boycott EA for the shit they put us through, but then again, I'd prefer to still get RB2 and just have the chance to punch EA right in the mouth.

    Whether it be RB 1 or 2, won't EA face the same shipping trouble that's been holding them up until now? Either way, GH:WT with a relese date and pricing will be getting my money. I would like to get RB2 as well but that's probably punching above my weight.

    Well it depends I suppose on when a solid release date for RB2 is set, because right now it just looks so up in the air! But avoiding those shoddy instruments is probably my number one priority. But then again, how do the drumsets for both of the games work? Surely an absence of those cymbals on GH:WT will affect mean a significant difference in gameplay?

    The thing to keep in mind here is that "Rock Band" received it's classification back in November of 2007 here in Australia, but was based on the U.S. NTSC build, as is "RB 2"'s certification.

    There were several sites running bylines that EA were supposedly making an official announcement on it last week, but I guess that's done with now.

    I know that after neraly a year, I can't wait for it any longer, I ordered the solus "RB" from Amazon, and the "RB 2" full bundle is on pre-order as well.

    EA can point the blame at MTV as much as they like (and that appears to only be a recent trend from them) - but EA's deplorable treatment of the Australian Online & Print media in regard to request for comments over the last year have put them firmly in the fans crosshairs as being the responsible party for the delays.

    Mr Waffle, I'm pretty sure that's correct--GH:WT instruments will work on RB2 and vis versa. So it's probably easiest to get GH when it comes out and then grab the RB2 game by itself!

    If you look at the Australian classification on the same website for Rock Band 1, you'll see that the classification occured in November of 2007. I would say Tip #2 is pretty much void, and as for Tip #1, go by what Harmonix say every time we ask for an update of an Australian release: "We'll have news when it's ready, until you hear it from us consider any outside information to be just rumours and speculation".

    I agree with Adam. What's happened with Rock Band is GH:WT's best advertising. Since I already have GH3 and I'm 100% certain my guitar will work with GH:WT, that's where my money is going.

    Exactly, look at the spore creature creator, we were the only ones who couldn't get it for awhile there, even NZ could.

    EA just forgets about Australia with alot of games.

    I will *probably* buy the GH:WT bundle to hopefully get a better guitar than the GHIII Les Paul that drives me insane. I need a second guitar anyway.

    I'll consider buying the RB2 bundle if it's ever released, but I could well be over the whole fiasco and sworn off music games entirely by then.

    Whether I be rogered on DLC or rogered on release dates and prices, it's still a rogering I don't enjoy.

    I have no idea why they didn't release it fast. They could have made shitloads of money of us aussie gamers.

    as said above, whoever comes out first gets my money

    Completely turned off by RB 1 and 2 now, really dissapointed by the fact that god... how long is it now since RB1 was meant to be released, then after this, the insane prices?

    Maybe if they bundled both 1 and 2 into the same pack for the price of 1 game, id be tempted. but for the moment, World tour is #1 in my book, they have tool, tool makes me happy, happy + xbox = happy camper.

    only time will tell.

    Eh - When I heard about Rockband I was stoked. Absolutely, butter-me-on-both-sides, excited. Then after all the stuffing around, and shifting dates, and lack of official word... Stuff it.

    GH:WT will be getting my hard earned cash, and as much as a small part of me will be disappointed about not playing RB 1 & 2 - There's no way I'm shelling out money for both games + Instruments. I might pick up RB2 in a bargain bin on it's own sometime later, if the instruments are compatible.

    I imported the PS3 version just recently after finally giving up on waiting for a 360 version, and I'm happy I did so. Now I just need the PS3 version of 2 to come out in the States and I can get it straight away, which is nice.

    Yes rockband is not coming to australia this was confirmed to me today at work. I work in retail for a large department store and i'm involed with the games secion at my store. We where told that to pull down all rockband presells and posters (pos)

    So yes Rockband is not coming to australia........ :(

    Gave up waiting months ago and imported the game and drums. No regrets. Love the game. Even people who hate Guitar Hero love it. Best party game ever.

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