AU Rumour: Rock Band is dead. Long live Rock Band 2.

A couple of tips in quick succession and suddenly we have a new picture to paint for you. Tip #1 tells us that Rock Band has been listed as ‘Discontinued’ on at least one Australian game retailer computer system. We put in a call to a retailer ourselves and got a similar response (the guy on the phone sounded pretty confused when he saw Rock Band had apparently gone missing from their system, so it was news to him too). Tip #2 (thanks Hugh) points us to the fact Rock Band 2 received a PG rating from the Classification Board on August 21.

If the former tip is as true as the later, anyone care to guess what 1 + 1 equals? Or perhaps that should be 1 – 1 + 2? We’ve asked EA for their take on the story and (surprise!) they don’t have any official comment to offer. They’re waiting on MTV to decide exactly how/when/what will be released here.

Would you rather see Rock Band continue to delay if it meant skipping ahead to Rock Band 2? Is time of the essence? Did you import, or will you import, for PS3? Or is it Guitar Hero: World Tour for you regardless?


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