Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night (With Added GC 2008)

What didn't come from GC 2008: More Final Fantasy XI Changes To Balance Out Player Levels Because people don't like playing games that are impossible to beat.

Quest For Glory II Is Back, Yo The best adventure game ever makes a comeback. A sexy comeback.

Rumour: $US 199 Xbox Bundle With Motion Controller Forget about combatting the PS3, Microsoft has its sights set on the Wii.

AMD Works With EA, SEGA and NHN Games For Hot DirectX 10.1 Action Yes, because DirectX 10 did so much for gaming.

A GC 2008 news explosion: Sacred 2 Impressions Shatter The Language Barrier Leipzig Games Convention Dated For 2009... And That's Final! And Then They Started Breakdancing... Don't Worry, Red Alert Fans, Jenny McCarthy Is Apparently A 'Badass' Tanya Will Diablo III Be Playable At BlizzCon? The Chronicles Of Spellborn: A Different Kind Of MMORPG Rayman Raving Rabbids Arse Party Impressions Diggin' Lode Runner XBLA At Games Convention StarCraft II: Hands-On With The Zerg Wipeout HD One-Year Anniversary Impressions Star Wars: Clone Wars - Saber Rattling Behold, Leipzig's Best In Show Leipzig GC Sets New Attendance Record


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