A Labelled, Bulletproof Saints Row 2 Promo

A Labelled, Bulletproof Saints Row 2 Promo

sr2_vest1.jpgIf there’s one thing I’ll miss about being a games journo, it’s the promos. They can range from truly excellent to downright WTF, but today THQ has firmly landed in the former category with this branded Saints Row 2 bulletproof vest, which arrived on my doorstep this morning.

It’s not a real vest, just a decent approximation, though if I walked into a bank with this baby and a spray-painted cap gun, I’m sure I’d end up on the ground with a real weapon stuck in my back. That’s what I like to think, in the fantasy land in my head, anyway.

It’s a shame – of sorts – that it has my name on it. It’d make an excellent giveaway otherwise. A less exciting photo of the other side, after the jump.

Update: Okay, not only has THQ confirmed it’s for Saints Row 2, but it’s written on the back of the vest. Where did the confusion come from? Ultor is present in both games.sr2_vest2.jpg


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