Yes, Guitar Hero: World Tour Will Feature Los Lobos' La Bamba, Potential $AU 299 Price Tag

ghwt_box.jpgJudging from the massive appearance Guitar Hero: World Tour made at Activate Asia 08, there's no doubt it's going to give Harmonix's Rock Band and Rock Band 2 a run for their money. Quality instruments, a decent song selection and a song editor and hero editor make for a tasty bundle.

But I'm sure you're after specifics, so, here we go.

On release, two packs will be available: the complete bundle, which will come with a guitar, drums, microphone and copy of the game; and the guitar solo pack, which will have just the game and guitar. It was mentioned that individual instruments would be made available at a later date, starting with the guitar and progressing to the drum kit.November 12 was given as a firm release date, but no one was willing to give out pricing info. We should have something official within the next few weeks, but there are rumours of a $299 price point for the game and three-instrument bundle. If this turns out to be true, it will put Rock Band's ~$400 price tag for a similar setup to shame.

Australia and New Zealand adore the Guitar Hero franchise according to Activision Blizzard's numbers. So far it's sold 600,000 units combined in both countries, with a total of $60 million in sales. Madness. Basically, it's the number #1 video game franchise in both countries.

Activision Blizzard took the opportunity to announce four new tracks - Bullet For My Valentine's Scream Aim Fire; Prisoner of Society from Aussie band The Living End; Lacuna Coil's Our Truth and La Bamba by Los Lobos.

And now... photos! Noticeable changes are the longer whammy and strum bar and the addition of touch-sensitive buttons below the tactile ones on the neck. Yes, the drum kit is wireless. The pedal is hooked up to the kit, but otherwise the whole thing runs on a pair of AAs.


    I *do* love the look of the new guitar. I dunno what it is about it, just looks great.

    Can't wait for this baby to come out.
    And $300 for the whole kit and kaboodle?!?! SOLD!

    EA have basically handed Activision the Australian market.

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