WCG 2008 Day 3: Immunity Goes Down Fighting

WCG 2008 Day 3: Immunity Goes Down Fighting

WCG 2008 Day 3: Immunity Goes Down FightingAfter Team Immunity turned heads with their upset progression beyond the group phase of Counter-Strike 1.6, the heat was on to see if they could roll on and take down another big name. This time it was highly rated Gameplay, from Finland, who had some recent top results on the international stage that ranked them as a podium contender.

The Aussies proved once again that they know how to cause a stir, with a win on the pistols round launching the team into a rousing chorus of cheers that pumped them up while deflating the very surprised Finns. On their favourite map, Immunity showed the world they are not to be taken lightly, running out to take a 1-0 lead in the best of three match. Gameplay were visibly shocked, heads in hands followed by a quick exit to recover and regroup. On return, some nasty exchanges in the game chat channel occurred, with the Finns showing some bad sportsmanship toward the dominant frag factor on the Australian team, Ben O’Reilly (BenoR).From this dazzling start, a bigger crowd than ever was drawn to see if the Australians could pull off their biggest upset yet. But it just wasn’t to be. Gameplay came back with their A-game and Immunity struggled to find answers. Some flashes of brilliance remained, but not enough to close out the second map they needed, going down 1-2 in the end.

But in defeat there was plenty to write home about. Immunity drew an enthusiastic crowd for their final match, and plenty of those were Europeans who picked up the scent of an underdog with real bite. Yours truly couldn’t get close to the team’s play zone for the final map, such was the three deep crowd of watchers.

This can genuinely be notched up as the Australians earning some serious respect on the world stage, and their week spent with SK Gaming in the lead up was clearly time well spent.

And whatever else happens… WE BEAT THE BRITS! Whatever the sport, isn’t that ALWAYS the way things ought to be?


  • haha I know Ben, use to play CS with him in high school before he went pro. Nice work to him and team immunity (met the others last year at egames expo).

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